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Photo: Marco Borggreve




“Grosvenor and MTT clearly shared a deep and loving appreciation for Ravel’s economic use of thematic materials. As a result, where many pianists turn the most virtuoso phrases into rapid-fire blurs, Grosvenor made sure that the attentive listener was aware that familiar notes were in play during those passages. MTT responded in kind with similar attention to all of the many participating instrumental voices, making this Ravel performance one for the books."

- The Examiner (San Francisco), September 2014


“The 22 year old pianist’s playing was exactly as Chopin’s own was described, at the work’s Paris debut: “elegant, fluent and graceful, possessing brilliance and clarity.”

- The Times, August 2014


“Technically, his playing was utterly assured, with an easy confidence to his delivery of even the fastest and most tricky passages that commanded admiration while avoiding any hint of theatricality. But virtuosity never came at the expense of musicality, with melodies nicely profiled throughout.”

- The Guardian, August 2014


“It’s a pleasure watching Benjamin Grosvenor’s artistry blossom ... the Chopin was a delight from start to finish.”

- The Independent, August 2014


“Grosvenor is a superbly talented and musical performer ... he displays maturity that would be envied by many more experienced players.”

- Cleveland Orchestra, August 2014


"His recital revealed its charms little by little, intensifying its pleasures with each piece and the contrasts it offered to what had gone before it, staking out ever more terrain on the musical spectrum and showing ever more mastery."

- The Washington Post, May 2014


"Grosvenor had a broad, orchestral sense of scope in his approach, with a lilting sense of the dance, very tender in the slower pieces and an amiable, not rushed approach to the moderate tempi, with a smoky epilogue to top it off."

- Ionarts, April 2014















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