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Benjamin ends successful tour with Britten Sinfonia and Thomas Gould at Milton Court Concert Hall

After eight concerts on two continents, Benjamin, Thomas Gould and the Britten Sinfonia have rounded off their global tour in London with a performance at London's Milton Court Concert Hall.

The tour took them to concert halls in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and London with a programme of Bach and Mozart.

Their final performance at London's Milton Court was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 5th December, and The Times published the following review for the performance:

"The pianist Benjamin Grosvenor is building a delicious partnership with this orchestra and its silky-toned leader, Thomas Gould. His opening Bach, the keyboard concerto in F minor, featured lively interplay between the pianist and violinist, the outer movements dark-toned and lithely phrased, the heavenly slow movement a glimpse of far-off serenity. Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 9, the Jeunehomme, showed an old head on the jeune homme’s shoulders, Grosvenor’s touch dreamy and spacious, a limpid purity to his flourishes. Grosvenor’s encore was an impish flick of magic, Liszt’s Gnomenreigen."

Read the full review online here.


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