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Benjamin Grosvenor
Track List

Chopin, Frédéric

1 Scherzo No.1 In B Minor, Op. 20

2 Nocturne No.5 in F sharp, Op.15, No.2

3 Scherzo No.4 In E, Op.54

4 Nocturne No.19 in E minor, Op.72 No.1

5 Scherzo No.3 in C sharp minor, Op.39

6 Nocturne In C Sharp Minor, Op. Posth.

7 Scherzo No.2 In B Flat Minor, Op.31

8 My Joys, Op.74 No.12 (arranged Liszt as No.5 of “Six Chants Polonais” S.480)

9 The Maiden’s Wish, Op.74,No.1 (arranged Liszt as No.1 of “Six Chants Polonais” S.480)


Liszt, Franz

10 En Reve, Nocturne, S.207


Ravel, Maurice

11 Gaspard de la nuit – Ondine

12 Gaspard de la nuit – Le gibet

13 Gaspard de la nuit – Scarbo

Decca Music Group, 2011: Chopin’s Nocturne in F sharp


Chopin, Liszt & Ravel

Decca, 2011


Chopin, Liszt & Ravel is Benjamin Grosvenor's debut album on Decca Records. 



Jeune Talent Award, Diapason d’Or


Instrumental Award, Gramophone


In The Press

"... unlike his contemporaries, Grosvenor commands an expressive specificity that’s rare among pianists in any age group, but with the kind of strong-minded interpretive insights of an audacious youth"

- The Philadelphia Inquirer 


“This recital disc shows his ability to twin youthful exuberance with impeccable technique and magisterial musical intelligence.”

- The Guardian


"Renews our emotions in music we'd seen as hackneyed"

- Diapason


"It is a beautiful sound, and beneath it there are seams of passion, discretion and emotional affinity with the music… [it] shows intelligence coupled with a command of keyboard colour and musical characterisation that are remarkable.”

- The Daily Telegraph


"quite superlative in every way ... rosvenor draws one in with the character and strength of interpretations that are individual - with little agogic hesitations and sharply enunciated accents in the faster outer sections - without ever being wilful ... there's a modesty and humility to these readings which is wonderful to behold."

- International Record Review


“The playing on this disc is some of the best you will hear of these works and bears repeated listening – indeed, it demands it."

- The Piano Files


“Grosvenor, you can tell, is a Romantic pianist, almost from another age. He doesn’t deconstruct, or stand at a distance. He jumps inside the music’s soul.”

- The Times


"... an intellectual and emotional understanding of the music way beyond his tender years.” 

- The Independent



Benjamin Grosvenor
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